It's always better to reuse than to just recycle!
    • 2018-11-06 - Marketing: Patrik Koç Strömberg

      It's always better to reuse than just recycle!

      Interview with our CEO, Henrik Cohn.
      What is the main reason for buying used IT hardware?

      - It's both ecological friendly and cheaper to buy used IT hardware.
      We are alone in this market with lifetime warrantee, which makes us unique in the industry.

      How can Azalea IT give lifetime guarantee on used IT products?

      - These products have already been in service and we never risk to get any "monday-examples" from the factory.
      We quality assure everything through a tenpoint-program and make sure to erase all old data with Blancco.

      What challanges and possibilities do you see in the future for the market of used IT hardware?

      - Used products are more and more common in every industry. When the environmental issues is in focus, IT products is a part of that process.
      More people are enlightened what kind of environmental gain there is to reuse IT. It's always better to reuse than just recycle!


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