2019 - the year of circular economy and reuse of IT?
    • 2019-01-18 - Marketing: Patrik Koç Strömberg

      2019 - the year of circular economy and reuse of IT?

      We hope that 2019 will be a boom for circular economy and reuse of IT! It is not only a hope that it will increase for us but because it is also good for the world as a whole that the reuse of IT is increasing.

      We saw last year how big companies began to focus on the problem of plastic waste that pollutes our nature and, in particular, kills the marine animals.

      Now is the time to deal with the problem of e-waste. According to "The Global E-waste Monitor - 2017", the world e-waste went up to 44.7 million tonnes.
      Much of this can be reused, but in the worst case, the material can be recycled instead of being landfill.

      Much of the problem, with regard to IT equipment, is still ignorance of IT security. One is above all concerned that business secrets will leak out (especially concerning GDPR) so that everything is scrapped, even though there are safe ways to erase the information with the help of Blancco.

      So keep in mind that if you want to keep down the purchasing budget when it comes to IT hardware or if you need to sell what you have, you contact us!
      We help you with the solution you need and give you a good price whether you are buying or selling.

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