How to find the right part number, serial number (and spare part number)
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It can sometimes be difficult to find the right part number, serial number and / or spare part number on IT hardware. Our technician Theo explains how to proceed.
Finding the right number makes it easier for both you and us to understand which used IT hardware you want to sell, buy or want to find spare parts for.

What are we going to learn today, Theo?

Today we will learn about part numbers and serial numbers.

Is there a difference between serial number and part number?

Yes it is. A part number is a common number for all products of the same model.
For example, two hard drives can have the same item number, whereas the serial number is a unique number for each product.
Two hard drives can never have the same serial number.

Where can I find the serial number and part number of the product?

Part number and Serial number can be found on the label. Part number is under PN and Serial number is usually under SR.

There are also spare part numbers. What is that?

Spare part number is what is says - a spare part number.
It identifies two hard drives that are identical, although they can have two different item numbers,
they can have the same spare part number and then they are identical and serve as a spare part.

How does a spare part number differ from a serial number or a part number?

The spare part number looks exactly the same as a part number.
The only difference is that two hard drives can have different part numbers, but have the same spare part number.
Then they act as a reserve for each other.

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