About us

About us

Azalea IT is a Nordic brand independent supplier of new and used IT equipment. Since 2008, our focus has been on data centres, networks, servers and storage. Our name was inspired by the Azalea Valley in the Slottsskogen park, Gothenburg. The park was opened for public access in the 18th century, provided that the people "did not destroy nature". In the same way, we feel that our environment is something we manage for the future generations, and our technology must be handled in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our way of contributing to a sustainable society is by reusing as much outdated network equipment as possible, and ensuring that it benefits others. All used IT products that leave our warehouse have been carefully tested and are ready for use. We create environmental benefits in practice.

We want to make used IT equipment a natural first choice for the sake of environment and for the wallet.

In most workplaces where there are computers, there is also potential for a good environmental deed. We are very good at recycling in Sweden, but a far better option for the environment is to re-use. Most of us consider re-use as the first option when buying a house, a car and many other items. We believe networking and data centre equipment should belong to the same category.

We want there to be eco-friendly technology for everyone.

Using refurbished used IT equipment allows all companies, institutions and organizations to take advantage of powerful, modern and reliable technology. Used IT costs a fraction of new, and it is rare that the user notices any significant difference in performance in daily use. Thus, used IT equipment is democratic.

Used IT equipment is safe to sell.

The technology we use today stores more and more sensitive or secret information. It is easy to find software for recovering images, bank and login information, company secrets etc. which has not been erased correctly. We use cutting-edge technology, well-established security partners and serial number reporting to ensure that your data does not end up in the wrong hands.

Used IT equipment should be safe to buy.

Therefore, we offer a two year warranty for our used products. We can do it because we believe in our process and our knowledge. 

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