Let us re-use your used IT

Let us re-use your used IT!

An excessive amount of used IT equipment goes to recycling. Servers, hard drives, RAM and other network devices end up on the scrapheap, although in many cases they have decades left of their expected lifespan. Some companies regularly change hardware every few years, but they do not know that there are both financial and environmental benefits if they allow us to re-use it!

In order to re-use IT equipment and make it the natural first choice, we have made it easy, safe, cost-effective and secure to sell used equipment to us!

To re-use IT is...


A phone call is all that is required to sell used equipment to us. We usually come back within a couple of hours with an offer based on current market prices.


We have a holistic view of security, integrity and traceability throughout the process. This allows us to meet high security requirements to prevent data leakage and the spread of protected information and personal data. We collaborate with some of Sweden's most established and merited companies. Reusable equipment is erased with Blancco™, which is world-leading in data erasure. Reports of data-deleted and destroyed devices are provided at a serial number level, if required.


Sending old network equipment for recycling is usually associated with some costs. By selling your equipment to us, you and your company contribute to a more environmentally friendly life-cycle than by recycling materials. In addition, we provide market prices for items that are worth refurbishing. To re-use equipment also adds another dimension for already environmentally aware companies, which previously focused on combustion and recycling processes.


How do the logistics work?
We agree on a date for the pickup. Your account manager will ask for the number of packages, weight, dimensions, etc. Be sure to pack pallets/boxes thoroughly. If you don’t have packing materials, please contact us at sales@azaleait.se. We usually respond within minutes during office hours.

When am I reimbursed?
When we have finished testing, we will send a report. In this report, we determine the final market price after we have deducted e.g. defective units. Please send your invoice to inbox.lev.31618@arkivplats.se. We settle within 30 days.

To which address should I send the equipment?
Azalea IT
Amalia Jönssons gata 27
421 31 Västra Frölunda
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