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We re-use your IT equipment!

Let us help you in managing your used IT equipment in a safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We work according to the principle of re-using instead of recycling as much as possible. In practice, it means that the fully functional equipment that you send to us is tested, erased, repackaged and sold with a warranty. If the equipment is defective or too old, it is recycled with an environmentally friendly technique. Considering the amount of energy and raw materials required for the manufacturing of IT products, prolonging of the life-cycle has major environmental benefits.

Security - erasing hard drives

With Blancco we can safely erase all types of hard drives, like SAS, SATA, FC and SSD. Blancco is used by e.g. the Swedish Armed Forces and NATO. After erasing the hard drives, you will receive a serial number report. For switches and other network equipment, Blancco is not used, but we do a factory reset for the device and clear usernames and passwords etc. Equipment that is either defective or too old is mechanically destroyed by our recycling partner. We can of course provide a certificate to verify this, if required.

Circular economy

Everyone is talking about recycling when the focus should be on re-use. Circular economy is about better use of resources where you make sure that the products get a longer lifecycle. Keep in mind how much resources and energy it takes to produce new IT equipment. Re-using or at least using partsof the equipment is a better option than recycling. This is the way we need to go in order to be more eco-friendly. We refurbish used IT hardware and sell it to the next user. That’s as eco-friendly as it can be!

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