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Customer Service.

Feel free to contact us, we are passionate about our customer service and will do everything to help you with your case.

  • Azalea Global IT ABAmalia Jönssons gata 27
    • 421 31 Västra Frölunda
  • Opening Hours
    • Monday to Friday: 8AM - 5PM
    • Closed for lunch: 12PM - 1PM
    • Weekends: Closed
  • Technical Support


Henrik Cohn
  • Henrik Cohn
  • CEO
Fredrik Hjorth
  • Fredrik Hjorth
  • VP
Cathrin Hagelthorn
  • Cathrin Hagelthorn
  • Finance Manager
Tony Olsson
  • Tony Olsson
  • Key Account Manager
Fani Antoniades
  • Fani Antoniades
  • Key Account Manager
Andre Salestam
  • André Salestam
  • Key Account Manager
Renee Ljungström
  • Reneé Ljungström
  • Key Account Manager
David Åkerblom
  • David Åkerblom
  • Key Account Manager
Benjamin Custovic
  • Benjamin Custovic
  • Head of Sales
William Arvidsson
  • William Arvidsson
  • Key Account Manager
Amasiah Taye
  • Amasiah Taye
  • Key Account Manager
Selma Salmeron
  • Selma Salmeron
  • Key Account Manager
Homayoun Haghjo
  • Homayoun Haghjo
  • Key Account Manager
Philip Johansson
  • Philip Johansson
  • Administration
Hannah Hansson
  • Hannah Hansson
  • Key Account Manager
Felicia Lundh
  • Felicia Lundh
  • Key Account Manager
Victor Prang
  • Victor Prang
  • Technical Sales Specialist
Vincent Isetorp
  • Vincent Isetorp
  • Technical Sales Specialist

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