Feel safe and secure in selling your IT hardware to us
    • 2019-05-08 - Marketing: Patrik Koç Strömberg

      Feel safe and secure in selling your IT hardware to us

      We have done an interview with our IT technician, Theodor Källberg, where he explains how you can feel safe and secure in selling used hard drives to Azalea IT.
      (translated by our Digital Marketer, Patrik Koç Strömberg)

      He explains:
      - How to be sure that Azalea IT deleted your data.
      - Why Blancco is better than other data erasure solutions.
      - The reason why it is safer to sell and delete instead of destroy a hard drive.

      Why is Blancco better than other data erasure solutions?
      Blancco works so that, instead of doing as other data erasure software, when they erase a hard drive, it does not remove the data but the data remains on the disk. It just says that the hard drive should not use that data so that it pretends that the hard drive is empty, while Blancco overwrites this part of the hard drive. It overwrites the entire hard drive. So instead of there being different ones and zeros on the disk that is not used, Blancco writes with zeros or ones so that no trace of the previous data exists.

      Are there any known organizations that use Blancco?
      For example: the Swedish Armed Forces, NATO, the US Defense Forces, the Netherlands Defense Forces and Cyber ​​Security.

      How can I be sure that Azalea IT has erased my data?
      You can be sure of this since we're sending the Blancco reports that we get for each hard drive that we erase and every hard drive that has been erased gets a Blancco report. All hard drives that cannot be erased for various reasons, for example, the hard drive is broken and cannot start up in Blancco, these hard drives are safely and environmentally scrapped so that the data cannot be generated.

      Isn't it safer then to destroy the hard drive?
      Firstly, it is not economical or environmentally friendly to destory hard drives. If everyone did this, it would have consumed a lot of hard drives, very quickly. But it is also not quite one hundred percent safe, because if you do not scrap a hard disk properly then the data can still be obtained if there are physical parts that are not completely broken.

      What do I need to find out before I send the hard drive to you?
      For your own safety, it is good to find out the serial numbers of each hard drive you send to us, as it is through the serial numbers that you see which hard drives have been erased in Blancco. For our sake, it is good to send article numbers on hard drives, which manufacturer of the hard drive is, for example, whether it is HP, Dell, IBM or anyone else. Also what type of hard drive it is. Is it an SSD, HDD, SATA, SAS or Fiber channel? Such things help us very much.

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